Banff National Park

Our first time in Banff National Park

Canada ehh? Have you ever been to such a magnificent destination as Banff National Park? Known for the Canadian Rockies, Scott and I were taken back by the beauty this place holds. Never have I ever seen nature at such a magnitude, it was like I was living and breathing inside a painting that had come to life. But why Banff? Why were we so keen to choose Banff as our first international trip outside the U.S?

Well, Canada has always been a destination we have talked about traveling to since college (TBH) and after patiently waiting for the right time to make our FIRST international trip together, this past summer we finally achieved our dream of going to beautiful Banff National Park. We were happy to have our good friend Johnathan accompany us on this trip as the three of us had never been to Canada before. We had an idea of some of the major sights we wanted to see, but we mostly left our days to be spontaneous and full of adventure. For a total of 7 days, we stayed in an air bnb in the town of Canmore about 20 minutes from the parks entrance.

Maybe you know this already or not, but Banff National Park is VERY big, there is lots to see and cover while embarking on trails or vista points from your car. Banff also connects to Jasper National Park which is double the size of Banff, we were lucky enough one day to actually drive into Jasper and spend a few hours inside that section of the park. We were grateful to have 7 days to see as much as we could of the park and would recommend at least staying for a week to see all the natural beauty around you. There really hasn’t been a place like Banff that we have been to that we have been so impressed with, from the locals of Banff, the fresh air, the plethora of trees, and an abundant amount of lakes, Canada has become our favorite travel desination to date!

Get ready for some new content diving into all things Canada for the next few months! We can’t wait to share all the beauty we captured with all of you. If your planning on checking out Canada in the near future we hope you can reference our writings and travel advice in making your Canada trip as memorable as possible, thanks for checking in until next time.

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