Collaboration with Loaf Central

Hey Guys!

We have a special announcement for you today..for the first time EVER Indigo Child Blog will be collaborating with an outside brand! What lovely brand may that be?? LOAF CENTRAL! If you have never heard of Loaf Central be prepared for a full month packed with awesome, one of a kind pieces of clothing that really set the vibe 🙂 We were introduced to the creator of Loaf Central, Myles Moore, back when Scott and I were in college. We were all a part of the same major in college and we all became super close through out the years we spent in school. Myles had a vision of a clothing line that he wanted to design and sell to the public and that’s exactly what he has done! We must say this isn’t our first time working with Myles & Loaf Central..almost a year ago we helped Myles with his PR for his Summer 2017 collection “80’s Babies.” We also helped brainstorm, shoot, and edit the short film “80’s Babies” posted on Loaf Central’s youtube channel. So let’s get familiar with Loaf Central…you can check out the brand’s instagram here & the official website here.

We can’t wait to share all of the awesome content we shot with Myles and are excited to share a new adventure with a different focus 🙂 Stay tuned!!


P.S. If you want to check out our short film from last year, we have it below for your viewing pleasure 😀

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