Colorado Travel Video

Hey Guys!

Hopefully you’re all ready for some brand new video content, because today we are ready to share our newest travel video! This video is a little different than our usual projects that result from us going out to explore and documenting what we do. This trip was a little more for pleasure, so we really took some extra time just taking in and enjoying Colorado, that’s not to say we didn’t put as much energy into it, we just had a different take on this adventure. The song used in this video was made by Scott and I think it goes along with the vibe from the trip very well ๐Ÿ™‚ We have some more goodies coming your way which include our film pictures from the trip and our vlog (we got lots of good feedback from the Hawaii vlog so we decided to try it again) Hopefully you enjoy this video and if you haven’t checked out the full blog post write up click here.


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