Today, I wanted to share something with you guys that is a little different than our normal blog posts on here, this subject is something I’ve grown to love and practice daily, and that subject is crystal healing. What is crystal healing you ask? Crystal healing is typically defined as using the healing powers of crystals for alternative medicine or spiritual purposes. Maybe a taboo topic for some people, but it is an extraordinary interest for myself. To be honest, the feeling and curiosity of the subject kind of appeared out of nowhere for me. A little over a year and a half ago, I was finding myself staring at pictures of beautiful crystals online and really began to ask myself questions about what I was seeing..should I have a crystal like this in my home? What is the meaning behind this crystal? Is crystal healing actually a thing, and does it work? Well, if you’re like me, and you want something, most likely you’re going to get it 😉 Not too long after I began to tell Scott how I wanted a crystal and that I was researching about the subject in my free time, he saw the opportunity of gifting me my first few crystals for Valentine’s Day. From that point on, I have been collecting all different sorts of crystals and stones and researching what each one can do for me.


Crystal Energy

What could the crystals do for me? Crystals, stones, rocks, minerals-everything that is created from the earth, was made with the earth’s energy, that is how they are formed. So with that mentality going in (and an open mind) reading about how each crystal has it’s own property of healing was something I was really drawn too. Studies go back hundreds of years, of ancient civilizations using crystals as physical, emotional and spiritual tools for healing. So going into the thought process of, “is this information real and factual?” It’s all up to YOU to choose to believe in it (at least that is in my opinion). I find, that using crystals guides me to a place of oneness with the universe. For example, when I’m feeling stressed out and need to be in a calmer state, my go to stone to use is Howlite. I simply hold the stone in my hand and think of myself calming down and my problems melting away. It really is as simple as that. When I find myself dealing with an issue and I feel the need to find a new crystal to help me, I’ll do some online research to see what crystal will benefit me the most. Sometimes, I’ll go to a local crystal shop and just see what catches my eye, without any knowledge of what it can do for me and discover that it was exactly what I was looking for. That’s when it becomes really cool and full circle for me.

Little Blue


One thing that coordinates with crystal healing is spirituality. Around the same time I started to learn more about crystals, I found myself also becoming interested in my spiritual journey. Finding myself changing the way I thought about things in a profoundly, positive way made my life change. Thinking about what feeds my soul and my state of consciousness would have never surfaced if I didn’t find an interest in crystals. When researching crystals and learning so much information everyday, you find yourself becoming a more conscious person. At first, I was a little confused on the topic of “spirituality.” Growing up Christian, I always believed my “faith” was what fell under the spirituality category..but now that is not that case. Although spirituality can be a broad subject, in general it sums up to a connectedness to everything in the universe and how we search for the meaning of life- it is a universal human experience. Some may be able to dive deep into this concept and explore what their spirituality is to them, others may only view spirituality as an association with their religion. Whatever way you want to go about this topic, your “spiritual journey” is YOUR choice, it is what you make out of it. I’ve grown to love learning about how I can become a more spiritual person with online resources, books, videos, and of course talking with others about their spiritual awakening/journey.

Pyramid 3

To close out this blog post, I really wanted to leave it open for discussion, hear what you all have to say about what you think crystals can do or what spirituality is to you. Again, this is a new subject that Scott and I decided to talk about on our blog and hopefully, get to write about again 🙂 I love talking about crystals and hearing other peoples’ stories dealing with the subject matter, so please don’t be shy! Down below is a quick video I made with Scott last week, giving a brief talk about how I got into crystals, give it a watch and let us know what you think 🙂


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