Eastern Sierras Vlog

Hey guys!

Today’s Monday and it’s the start of an awesome week I can already tell. Last night was a “Super Full Moon in Gemini” and I was super excited about this one because I’m a Gemini and astrology is very interesting to me. I looked into what this full moons “intentions” were and was very pleased with what I found, here’s a snippet from an online source.

“The Gemini Super Full Moon is all about connecting with the truth and that includes the truth of who you really are. You are timeless, spaceless, ageless, being that lives inside a temporary vessel that is here for a journey of learning how to love yourself more, love the planet more and love one another more.” -@foreverconscious

With that being said here is to another fun vlog of Scott and I road tripping and exploring new places, doing what we love to do, and sharing it all with the world! If you want to see our travel video for the Eastern Sierras the link is here. We hope you enjoy it and have the most special week and enjoy the final phase of this moons energy ☽


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