Hey, How’s it going! Wanted to share with you a quick little post about our trip to Kansas this past winter. Scott and his family planned a trip to Kansas to celebrate Christmas with his grandma and other relatives that live there. I was invited to go and decided to make the trip out to Kansas after spending time with my family in Oregon. Scott has been to Kansas before so he knew what it was like but I had no idea. I was interested to see how middle America life was and how different it would be compared to Southern California.
Scott’s grandma lives in Parsons, Kansas and it is the definition of a small town. I flew in on the day after Christmas to the Kansas City airport, and Scott and his cousin Chris drove 2.5 hours to get me then turn around and drive back! We got back around midnight and immediately went to bed, I was pooped and I’m guessing they were too from all the driving.
While we were in Kansas, we didn’t set out to make a travel video, but maybe we could get some cool pictures. We were filming while we were there, honestly didn’t think it would be enough to stand alone in a video..so we thought. By the end of our stay we realized we could make a little video with the footage we had, so we made a whole travel video to showcase Kansas in the winter! Lucky for us California kids we were fortunate to have good weather and no snow!! It was definitely an eye opening experience going to the midwest, and while we were there we got to use his grandma’s car for a little road trip across state lines. In total, we drove through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and briefly into Missouri for a little while. With Scott’s family, we all drove to Arkansas to visit a small town called Fayetteville. This town is pretty cool, and decent sized because Arkansas University is located there. We walked around the town and browsed inside cute boutiques, and it was a very different way of spending a trip than we are used to. On a different day, Scott and I drove into Oklahoma to the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve which is was about an hour and a half from where we were in Kansas. After doing some research online, Scott discovered that the reserve was a completely isolated area with multiple herds of Bison. After driving into the countryside and through the gates that marked where the reserve began, we were blown away with the beauty. We loved how it felt like we were the only people for miles in every direction, and the only living things within sight were hundreds of massive bison. The isolation, and seemingly untouched nature of this area felt like we were getting a glimpse back in time to what the midwest might have looked like before people showed up. The sound of insects chirping, the wind blowing in our hair, and the golden horizons made us realize why people love the country so much and it left us with a sense of understanding as to the different kinds of beauty that exist in the world. And even though my visit to Kansas was short, it definitely left an impression on me. Family values are so important in the mid west, and I noticed how close and kind hearted the whole community is. Overall, its just a different way of life over there. In the end, I was so glad I got to see that side of America, because living in California for my whole life I don’t get to experience life in that way. We ended up with a really special video from the trip, and some amazing pictures as well! We hope you guys enjoy this one and experience some of the same feelings that we did, thanks!
You can check out the video from our Kansas trip here, and the pictures below!
Babe and Fence
Courtney posing against a barbed wire fence in the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve
Cow 4x5
We found these cows while looking for bison in the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve, many of them were not shy around the camera
Babe in Field 3
Courtney posing against the setting sun, while standing near some open fields in Parsons
Berries 2 4x5
Some random berries that Scott found near his grandma’s house.
Bison 2
A full body picture of a bison with its head up was hard to come by, as they seemed to always have their heads down chomping on grass
Bison Close up BW
A closeup of a bison through some tall grass, their fur is so thick that many of them are covered with grass and dirt
Chris Skywalker
Scott’s cousin Chris, who was our tour guide while we were in Kansas, came up with this cool idea for a picture
Stars Different
Being that Southeastern Kansas is an extremely rural area, there is little to no light pollution, allowing for some amazing views of the stars
Berries 4x5
Another picture of the berries growing on a tree on Scott’s grandma’s property
Country Babe
Courtney pretending to be a Calvin Klein model
Cow 2
Another shot of this photogenic orange cow that seemed very curious with what I was doing with my camera
Prairie Road
One of my favorite images from this trip, this photo offers a glimpse of just how removed this part of Oklahoma was from anything but grass and bison
White Cow
Another bull that we came across while in Northern Oklahoma
Tallgrass Sunset 4x5
The sun begins to set behind the rolling hills of yellow grass and barbed wire fence

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