Lake Tahoe Activities

Lake Tahoe Activities

Lake Tahoe Water

Hey Guys! Good to be back after a little break we took from posting on the blog for a few months. Right at the beginning of the new year Courtney got a job opportunity to work on an indie film in San Francisco until the end of March SO a lot of her time and attention was given to the film. But she is back and we have finally reunited and are ready to get back into the swing of things!!

Today we thought we would share some of our favorite activities that we got to experience during our Lake Tahoe trip 🙂 Depending on what time of year it is, activities change with each season, the ones we listed out, are best in the fall and summer 🙂 We hope you enjoy this post and hopefully get to make a trip to the Tahoe area one day.


Obviously, one of the most beautiful things about visiting Tahoe during the warmer season is the gigantic lake. Heading up to Tahoe I was praying we would still be able to rent kayaks because it was late in the fall season which is right when all water activities shut down for a few months. But luckily for us we had come at the PERFECT time, getting to enjoy the last weekend of the season for Kayaking.

If you’ve never kayaked before this place is the most breathtaking experience I have ever had with the water. Paddling out on crystal clear water with the smooth water glistening on top makes you feel invinsible. I would HIGHLY recommend doing this activity while your in Tahoe, rentals are located at Sand Harbor for about $25/hr. MUST DO 🙂


Lake Tahoe Bike

An activity first for both Scott and I, renting BIKES! I know seems like not a big deal right? But believe it or not, this was our first time renting bikes at a travel destination. We found a bike rental shop at Zephr Cove that was very moderately priced and got a few hours of exploring Zephr Cove and Nevada Beach. The bike paths are super smooth and lead you into beautiful remote areas where you can enjoy an afternoon exploring the wonders of Tahoe’s nature.

Taking a Drive

Emerald Bay Photography

Maybe one of the most underrated experiences to do on a “road trip.” Yes, you’ve finally made it to your destination! But that doesn’t mean the car ride stops!! Going out and exploring your surroundings is SO important to really get a feel for the place you’re visiting. That’s why Scott and I ALWAYS recommend jumping back in the car and taking a nice drive around the location to see what other fun places are waiting to be explored. Tahoe is a perfect place to do this since there is a road that circumnavigates the lake and provides some incredible views of the water and surrounding wildlife.


Lake Tahoe Hiking

Although we didn’t do too much hiking, Tahoe is a very woodsy, beautiful place to go outside and just walk amongst the trees. With tons of bike paths that are super accessible, it’s no problem finding a beautiful place to take a nice peaceful walk or explore a nearby trail. All around the lake there seemed to be opportunities to just park the car and start walking in any direction, whether it be down to the shoreline or up into the woods that make up most of Tahoe’s terrain.


Lake Tahoe Trees

If you’re into photography why not plan a little excursion from your nice drive around the lake? Once you’ve taken note of the places you want to go back and see, bring your camera along to document the beauty you find. Luckily for you guys we have a lil blog post from our favorite photography spots in Tahoe! You can check that link out here to give you some major inspiration!

Thanks for checking in with us and we can’t wait to continue talking about our adventures in the Tahoe area 🙂

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