Lake Tahoe Photo Spots

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Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe Water

Today we wanted to share with you guys our favorite photo spots from our trip to Tahoe back in October, which we must say was a spectacular time to visit Lake Tahoe! With the leaves changing color, anywhere we looked we saw something breathtaking.

Another fun element about this trip was that we had one of our good friends Johnathan, a fellow photographer, accompany us to capture the beautiful atmosphere. If you’re planning on checking out Tahoe this summer, spring, or fall definitely check out these awesome photo spots, I’m sure you’ll love them all as much as we did! 🙂

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay Lake Tahoe

A staple sightseeing destination for newbies to the Tahoe area, Emerald Bay is a little glimpse of the magnitude the lake has on the nature surrounding it. What onlookers love to try to get a glimpse of is the famed castle named, “Vikingsholm”, a 38 room mansion that was built on this National Natural Landmark. It really puts in perspective just how vast and grand the lake really is.

Sand Harbor

Sand Harbor Lake Tahoe Rocks

Our favorite spot in Tahoe is hands down, Sand Harbor. With the Harbor being a big focal point for activities and tourism, we got a chance to kayak on the lakes crystal blue water which was like nothing I have ever experienced. Another aspect I really loved about this place was the huge boulder rocks scattered amongst the shore line. Easy for climbing and exploring, we took lots of pictures here because of the immense beauty this place possesses. If you get a chance to spend golden hour here, the lighting really brings out the shadows the huge rocks cast against the water, creating an even more breathtaking experience.

Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake Van Bridge Creek

We weren’t so sure about this destination just because its not a very well know or popular one in Tahoe. Johnathan had suggested coming to this spot because of the big waterfall at the end of road, so we thought it would make for some interesting pictures and a good time. Once we had arrived, it was easy to see why he had remembered this spot. With a huge rock wall, little water falls cascade down the formation very slowly making it look like a water fountain you buy at the store for your home, peaceful but still. What was really interesting about this area was a small creek we stumbled upon right before the waterfall, where we got some really picturesque shots of a bridge in the distant covered with yellow leaves.

Zephyr Cove

Lake Tahoe Eastern Shore Sunset

One of the destination we stopped to check out on our first day in Tahoe, Zephyr Cove brought a great sense of peace to us all. With the mountains in the distance beyond the lake, watching the sunset here was AMAZING. We enjoyed this spot so much we came back the next day to explore the neighboring trails across the highway. Walking around, we discovered a wooded walkway that sat on top of the creek. We thought this was a perfect little photo spot so we took the time to take some portrait shots here as well but we probably wont be sharing those on here lol

Nevada Beach

Nevada Beach Forest Bike Path

Biking through the woods the three of us parked our bikes to take a break at the shoreline of Nevada Beach. The water here was so beautiful, it was really interesting because it was so close to the forest it was like you got the best of both worlds. If I had brought my bathing suit I would have definitely jumped right in because the water looked too good. This spot and its surrounding area of forestry and trails really captivated us and allowed to take a variety of different photos that we loved.

We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to sharing more of our stories + experiences from our amazing trip to Lake Tahoe! Don’t forget to follow the blog and subscribe to our socials at the top of your screen 🙂

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