Lighting in a Bottle 2017

Hey there, thanks for checking back in with us! Scott and I wanted to share with you guys the experience we had at Lighting In a Bottle this year. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a music festival held at Lake San Antonio in Bradley, California. Now I’m just gonna say right from the get-go, Scott and I have never gone to Coachella, and it’s not our vibe.. but one would probably say that this festival is a little like Coachella. LIB is known for it’s eclectic group of individuals that attend, all sharing a common goal for keeping each other uplifted with positive vibes. It’s eccentric art installations and non stop party atmosphere surround you with an immersive experience and an escape from most of society. With the sounds of dance music filling the air all around you, it’s like waking up and going to sleep to a rhythm in your soul. And being that it is a decently sized festival, the music is top notch no matter what stage or area of the festival you’re at. The music ranges from house to indie rock to folk to even some eastern, meditative styles, making it a friendly place for everyone’s taste in music.


One of the really cool things we liked about this festival was that you could camp inside of it. Thousands of people bring their cars and set up campsites, and it becomes a sea full of cars and tents. We attended the festival with some of our friends and all met up at the RV section, so we could camp right next to each other. (In order to camp with your friends it is advised to be in front of or behind them when you enter the festival, to ensure that you will be camping next to them) After we set up our campsite, it was 4 days of perfection. We were extremely lucky to have our first LIB experience be when Lake San Antonio was full of water. In years past, the lake had been completely dry, but the presence of water this past year added a whole new aspect to the festival. During the hot days, the lake provided a perfect escape from the heat and created a bonding experience with other attendees enjoying the lake together. As soon as the sun would set each day, the festival grounds became an electric playground for the the thousands of festival goers.


Along with creating a one of a kind atmosphere, the heart of the festival is definitely the music. The stages, the crowds, and the musicians all come together to make the festival something that is truly in a world of it’s own. Altogether, we have never been to a place so freeing and open hearted towards making it’s guests feel like they are a part of something bigger. If you are looking for a place to seriously let go of yourself and just live in the moment, this festival was made for you. Scott and I can’t wait to attend again next year, and have another equally, amazing experience. We wanted to share some of our pictures from the festival so we added them in below, some where shot on 35mm and the others digital, thanks for checking in ENJOY!


35mm Film Photos: 

Taking a picture of Scott taking a picture of me..
Heading into the festival with some of our friends
The Favela Bar, we loved this stage, everyone seemed to love coming here to chill and just dance
A photo from inside the White Library, one of the cool art installations
One of the many bridges that connected the stages across the water
A view looking down at festival goers crossing the bridge leading them to the Beacon one of the main stages
Here you can see some festival goers taking a dip into the lake during the hot part of the day
Opposite view from the bridge of all the party goers having an awesome time in the water
Scott took this picture of all the people watching the soap box derby that takes place every year at LIB
More people getting a good view of the race
Listening in on one of the talks that is held during the day
A look inside of our campsite, where you can see one of the many tapesries hanging up

Below are photos that Scott took with his 5D:

Babe and Alex
A photo of Courtney taking a film pic with our friend Alex behind her
Chill Stage
One of the more mellow, relaxed tents where you could sit or lay on pillows while listening to music
Babe Silhoutte_
Courtney’s silhouette in front of the setting sun
One of Courtney’s favorite art installations at the festival
Thunder Stage
People dancing at the Thunder Stage as the sun goes down in the distance
Tent City
Tents go on for as far as you can see at the campgrounds
Random Bees
Two girls sitting and admiring the view of the festival in front of thm
Bridge Sunset
One of the bridges connecting the campsites to the rest of the festival
Sunset Skee Ball
A few of the main stages and the giant skee ball game under the setting sun
Thunder Stage 2
Another view of the Thunder Stage and the people dancing inside of it
Pigs in a Bottle
Courtney and Scott in matching tie dye shirts 🙂

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