Must Do Hikes in Oahu

Indigo Child Blog’s MUST DO hikes in Oahu

Hey guys! Thanks for checking in for todays blog post, we are SO excited to share with you guys our top recommended hikes while visiting the beautiful island on Oahu.

Below we will explain a brief summary of each hike & some awesome pictures of what you can expect  while on your hiking adventure πŸ™‚

1. Crouching Lion Hike 

The famed Crouching Lion hike is one for the thrill seeker, known for it’s steep cliffs, embarking on this journey is sure to get your adrenaline going. Although this hike isn’t very long in distance, the short climb to the top will have you grabbing tree branches, rocks, and roots getting your hands all dirty, making sure you put in the hard work for the most beautiful pay off at the end. If you want to know more about this hike in a more detailed post check our post here.

Crouching Lion 

2. Lulumahu Falls Hike

The very first hike we embarked on while on our Oahu trip and boy what a great decision it was! Getting used to the terrain of the tropical jungle, this hike takes you through a breathtaking bamboo forrest, to a mostly covered trail head that occasionally (depending on weather) can be pretty muddy. What was great about starting out with this hike first was that there wasn’t a huge incline and the distance it takes to get to the waterfall is very doable. You can read more about this hike & some helpful tips from our blog post here.

Lulumahu Falls – Bamboo Forest 

3. Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail Hike

What’s really great about this hike is that it’s not so crowded like other well known hikes in Oahu. Being that the hike is located in a residential neighborhood, you have to check in with a guard shack for a parking pass to go on the hike (which is kinda nice knowing your car is safe while your enjoying your hike.) This hike is suited best for the athletic type do to a series of stairs that take you high up in the mountains. Be prepared for a killer workout, beautiful views, and some well deserved muddy shoes πŸ™‚ Our full blog post on this hike can be found here.

Wiliwilinui Ridge Trail

4. Maunawili Falls Trail

By far the muddiest hike of them ALL!! With each step of this hike you are engulfed in lush tropical beauty.  This hike is very doable for all ages and has minimal incline. There is so much to see while embarking on this hike to the famed Maunawili waterfall, so don’t forget your bathing suit or else you’ll be missing out on all the fun! Read our full write up about this hike here, so you can be fully prepared on this journey!

Maunawili Falls Hike

We hope you enjoyed this blog post talking about our must do hikes in Oahu! Before you go don’t forget to follow our blog and social media handles to stay up to date with our travels & adventures πŸ™‚ We would love to hear from you in the comments on what you’re favorite hikes from Oahu were! Until next time πŸ™‚ 

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