Stranded Adventure Co. Ambassador

Hey Guys!

Today we wanted to share something really awesome with you. We recently become ambassadors for the clothing brand Stranded Adventure Co., if you haven’t heard of them before, we have a link to their website here. We love their clothing apparel and had a chance to bring some with us on our most recent road trip to the Sequoias! We have some pictures below of the items we bought and modeled while road tripping. You can get an exclusive deal through a personal discount code that was given to us when you use INDIGOCHILD10 at check out! That code will give you 10% off your purchase! Scott and I were really happy with our order and can’t wait to collect more stranded gear 🙂

Also check out their instagram page here!


Scott surrounded by greenery in his black long sleeve
We love the back design on this one!
Wandering the Sequoias in the stranded classic shirt
Courtney’s favorite original logo dad hat
Taking pics as usual
Stranded in the Sequoias

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