The Big Island Travel Video

Today we have a very special post to share with you guys, it is the full travel video from our two weeks spent on the Big Island of Hawaii! We are extremely excited about putting this video out into the world because it has been very special to us for many reasons. First off, this was our first trip that we went in to knowing that we would be creating a video specifically for our blog. While it was still in the early stages of development, we had a vision of what the blog would look like and the way that we wanted our videos and content to reflect our lives and our travels in particular. We feel that this video is another step in the right direction for us creatively, as we continue to improve our abilities to portray the things that we love and care about with our videos and pictures. With that being said, this was the first time that we have ever incorporated drone footage into one of our videos and the first time that we have used completely original music that Scott actually made during our time in Hawaii. Overall, we are extremely proud of this video and the way it reflects two weeks of our life that we will never forget, but also that it gives an meaningful representation of what the Big Island is all about!

Thank you guys so much and enjoy the full video below!


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