What’s New with Indigo Child?

Hey Guys!!

We hope you guys are having an amazing Memorial Day weekend, as we are currently making our way home from our time at Lightning in a Bottle Festival ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we wanted to announce some exciting new ideas we are going to be implementing here on the blog and to all of our content! The main idea behind these new ideas is that we wanted to continue to expand on the things we are creating so that we can continue to grow and make better content to share with all of you. We believe by doing this, our viewers will get to know us a little better AND get a slightly refreshed experience with our video content.. To be a little more specific, some of the things we are looking to revamp are:

Our Youtube Channel

For almost a year now, we have been creating content aimed mostly at the blog itself and we have loved the results, but for some time, we have been wrestling with the idea of putting additional emphasis towards growing our Youtube channel and developing content specifically for that purpose. In order to do this, we came up with the idea of creating some different video topics (in addition to the travel videos and vlogs we already make) that are going to be produced every week to get a consistent rhythm going. We want to make some more personal, sit down style videos for our viewers, so that they can get to know us better and feel like they can relate to us even more.

Travel Videos with an Emphasis on Story

We have dabbled with this idea in the past, but have never really attempted to do it consistently with all the travel videos we do. One example of a video that kind of followed a little storyline, was our Yosemite video ย from a while back where we filmed the trip through the perspective of our stuffed pig Purpz. We think that with our filmmaking backgrounds, we can write, and produce really well thought out videos that have somewhat of a story to them making them more enjoyable for the viewer.

Writing Content

Along with doing more videos based on various “lifestyle” topics, we want to try to write more about the common ideas we think you guys would take interest in. This will range from our personal opinions, tips on travel, things we love to talk about in general, and we think this will give our blog more personality and make you feel like you’re connecting with us on a deeper level.

And hopefully, set up a kickass email system with exclusive messages from us ๐Ÿ™‚ This is something I’ve wanted to do since we started the blog, but never got the kick to fully go forth with a weekly email. This is something that is suppose to be totally fun and just a cheeky update on what we are doing and giving you some love on your busy weeks.

We can’t wait to actually SHOW you guys what we mean and we hope this blog post has you as excited about the future as we are, so stay tuned for these updates and we hope you’re with us for the ride!



Here’s a little video for you guys talking all about why we started a blog, as part of the improvements we mentioned above, this is our first “youtube” video that is more personal and help you get to know us better! Hope you enjoy it and look forward to the new content ahead!!



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