Zion National Park Activities

Zion National Park Activities

Hey There! Today we wanted to share with you some fun activities you can plan on doing while checking out Zion National Park. Before getting into this post, don’t forget to check out our things to know before you go post, before making your trip to Zion National Park! As we have previously shared on other posts from our experience at Zion, this is family destination, point blank. Tourism here is advertised mainly to families and their children and how accessible hikes and sightseeing is for everyone and all ages. Even with the presence of families and kids around, there is still hope that you can experience a unique and solemn trip to Zion National Park. Today we are gonna share some of our favorite activities we got to experience and enjoy from our trip to Zion National Park, we hope this blog post helps you plan a awesome trip in the future!

Bike Rentals

Biking in Zion National Park

Right at the front entrance of Zion National Park there is a small strip mall with restaurants, a general store, and a rental store called Zion Outfitter. We saw this bike shop right when we entered the park but didn’t actually check it out until the 3rd day of our trip. It was a great shop with really nice, friendly workers who checked us in and out super fast, giving us each a bike to rent for the whole day. We were super excited to experience the canyon more intimately with the freedom of cruising through the valley floor. Some parts of the journey were uphill (not too bad) but boy did I get my workout in! We normally don’t rent bikes that often (it was our second time doing this ever while on a trip) and we definitely felt like it was an awesome activity to really engulf ourselves in Zion’s atmosphere.

Take a Drive

Kolob Terrace Zion National Park

Something that Scott and I like doing while checking out National Parks is just cruising around the whole area to get a sense of places we really wanna go back to and spend more time at. While in Zion, we were able to take a drive through out the park (not the same bus route that goes inside the canyon) but one that took us from the front entrance all the way to the eastern entrance. We saw lots of wildlife while on our drive, and even got up close to some long horned goats! Another unique driving aspect about Zion is that its not that far from Bryce Canyon National Park, you can literally enter Zion and take the same road from Zion to Bryce. It was interesting to spend a day dedicated to just sightseeing along our way to Bryce and getting to check out a whole separate national park for a double parks day.

Rock Shops & Local Eats

Zion National Park Rock and Gem

One of my favorite things about seeing as many National Parks as we do, is that we are exposed to rock shops that are always local to the parks entrance. Zion especially had many rock shops in the cute little town just outside the park. The selection of rocks, stones, and crystals were amazing and I found a lot of great deals inside. If you’re into geology or have a crystal collection of your own, checking out these rock shops is a MUST. The town outside of Zion also has many boutiques and eating establishments so its easy to unwind after a long day inside the park. One place we would recommend is the pizza shop called Zion Pizza and Noodle, where they have a variety of different beers, pizzas, and other food options. In our opinion, stopping here is a must do on a trip to Zion!

Hike it UP!

Zion National Park Hiking

The biggest attraction in checking out Zion is the easy and accessible trail heads that are scattered inside the park. What’s even better is that there is a tram system that takes you along a private road inside the canyon dropping hikers off at different stops. Some hikes that we recommend are Emerald Pools Trail, Weeping Rock, and (depending on season) The Narrows. These 3 hikes are super doable but still offer a decent challenge and a good workout. The hikes that are more advanced are hikes like Angels Landing, Hidden Canyon, and The West Rim to name a few. Besides the hikes we’ve named here, there are many more that you can experience throughout the park that are beautiful to experience on your day out in Zion.

Thanks for checking in with us and we hope to keep you coming back for more insights and inspiration on planning some amazing trips for yourself 🙂

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