Zion National Park

Zion National Park

Hey Everyone,
Been awhile since we have posted on here! But we are back and have a new destination we are excited to share with you! You may be wondering what you should do this summer, and some of you might be a little indecisive on what national park you should visit..luckily for you, we have written about A LOT of different parks here on the blog that you can browse through, but today we are going to be adding another awesome adventure to that list….Zion National Park located in beautiful Southern Utah 🙂

Utah Sign Zion National Park

Although it wasn’t our first time checking out Zion, I will say this trip was definitely different than the first time we went about 4 years ago. The park itself hasn’t changed much, but what we chose to do everyday was refreshing and new, and didn’t seem like we were bored visiting the park for a second time.

Kolob Terrace Zion National Park

I think what drew us to check out Zion again was that we would be able to stay longer and get a greater sense of what Zion really has to offer. We also decided to make the 2 hour drive to Bryce Canyon National Park which basically gave us a great 2 for 1 road trip. We love the atmosphere of Zion, with it’s giant scenic cliffs and the Virgin River running throughout the park to add a beautiful water element. There really was something breathtaking to look at and admire every step of the way.

Zion National Park Virgin River

In the coming month, we are going to be breaking down every aspect of our trip to Zion with some helpful tips, epic photo spots, our own personal photos from the trip, and just some basic information we learned from visiting this National Park. Hopefully by the end of this series you will have a good grasp on if Zion is a place you should check out in the near future, but I can already say it definitely is! Thanks for checking in with us and stay tuned for some awesome content from the Utah desert.

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